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About AeroGlow International

Based in Salisbury UK AeroGlow International is an innovative OEM, focussed on:

Vehicle Emergency egress lighting systems - EELS - HaLO -VELS

Vehicle roll-over Warning systems

Ultra Capacitor Power Packs

Blast /shock attenuation Systems and measurement 

Atmospheric Water Generation

AeroGlow International is dedicated to crew survivability and houses world leading emergency egress subject matter experts - a fact that allows the company to stand out in the survivability arena. AeroGlow international has been at the forefront of vehicle emergency egress lighting systems (EELS) for decades.  AeroGlow International is committed to product improvement through R&D and advancement of its subject matter expertise and OEM capabilities. The Company's customer base is global but primarily focussed on the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.  

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The Vehicle Egress Lighting Experts